Earth to Dave – You’re Not Special…

Fuck me, those poor bastards living out in the Costa are gonna get a fright when the filth come for them…

That was my first thought when I switched on the news half an hour ago. It’s perfectly possible (as many of us are, myself included) to be for the free movement of goods, capital and labour while being against the European Union, an institution which may have been built on these ideals but has since mutated (whether planned or otherwise) into an altogether more intrusive and corrupting influence in our lives. The opposing view (anti-free movement, pro-EU) makes absolutely zero logical sense, but this is the position Dave takes if (snigger) he is to be believed.

Dave would like British companies to stop investing and creating jobs in Europe, wants a sort of Berlin Wall to be built around Dover so that nobody can run away to the continent’s mainland, would like to round up all those who moved away and return them to Britain, by force and arrest if necessary. Of course, he never actually said any of these things – I’m merely following the logical extension of his argument that these restriction should be placed on Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians, and assuming, as I’m sure he would claim, that his position was based on principle and neither jingoism nor political expediency.

Being serious, this is the reason that the British anti-immigration crowd (of whom there are apparently millions) regularly make complete twats of themselves. It should sometimes be remembered that although we are geographically an island, so are Barbados, New Zealand, Malta, Cuba, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and a whole host of others. Being an island nation DOES NOT make you fucking special, understood? We DO NOT have an empire anymore. We ARE NOT the richest and/or most powerful nation in the world anymore. This IS NOT the nineteenth fucking century. We ARE NOT a bunch of ‘special’ people who could only be contaminated by foreigners.

Bunch of xenophobic wankers with a warped fucking sense of entitlement – get a fucking grip…

Although we seem to have come round to the realisation (albeit after decades of mounting evidence) that we’re utterly shit at football, so perhaps there’s hope.

This complete bollocks really needs to stop and someone, somewhere needs to start straightshooting and speak the truth. There are over a million people, born and raised here, who have made a conscious decision not to work and decided that a career milking the welfare state for every penny they can is more suited to them. I’m not about to condemn them for making very, very rational choices as it’s the generosity of the welfare state that is to blame, not individuals who actually make smart and informed decisions regarding their, er, work-life balance.

Changing that will not happen overnight and needs to be phased in gradually to minimise cases of rough justice.

BUT in the meantime, we need all the help we can get from the outside to alter our demographics, improve our net contributor vs net dependant ratio and diffuse the pensions timebomb that’s around the corner. Ok shithead, you’re ruling out immigrants of working age as a possible solution to the problem, so hit us with an alternative. Haven’t got one? Then shut the fuck up. The REAL reason that so many people are against immigration to the point of irrational hatred is that it illustrates how badly the welfare state has failed our young people in particular, displays the strange fusion of jingoism, a misplaced superiority complex and state dependency that left us crying out for foreign labour in the first place.

If you want to pretend you’re special then life may become very, very fucking difficult. Staying in a hotel, getting served in supermarkets, receiving medical treatment when you’re ill and getting a cab home when you’re pissed will prove an incredibly nuanced art of negotiation if you have a fucking retarded dislike of foreigners and a sincerely held belief that they ‘stole the job’ of someone else. Of course, there IS NOT a finite number of jobs out there – in reality, economic activity either increases or declines in cycles, while in cases of economic decline, many of those who have come from overseas and contributed tend to return home.

And…do you know how many work permit applications for Bulgarian migrants have been turned down in the last six years? FUCKING NONE!! Fancy that…

If another wave of immigration brings this reality home to people, while eating away at the unfounded sense of superiority that feeds anti-immigrant sentiment on a more general level, then we might just be killing two birds with one stone. Dave is clearly a fucking charlatan who doesn’t believe in shit, but that’s no excuse for the rest of us to lower ourselves to his level.

Take it easy, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.


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