Fighting Slavery

According to the BBC that West Midlands police have had a fine result in arresting five people for slavery. However I think the report raises some interesting questions.

“Det Supt Tim Bacon said: “It’s hard to believe that modern day slavery is happening in the West Midlands, but sadly it’s on the increase and we’re determined to put a stop to it.”


There can be few more heinous crimes than forcing vulnerable young women to have sex against their will.

“Tonight’s action, first and foremost, is about protecting people who more often than not don’t even realise that they are victims.”


The people involved did not know they were victims?

They had been transported, against their will or by deception, across a continent then threatened or compelled to have sex with strangers. They’re obviously victims.

“The five rescued women were all offered counselling, help and support which they declined.”

They declined counselling? But surely they must need it.

“The problem is that these people don’t see themselves as victims, they see the traffickers as people who are trying to help them, and they often don’t want to talk to us.”

Just a minute!!!

The people arrested were seen by the slaves as people who helped them? I’ve heard of the Stockholm Syndrome but…..

How can someone who forces you to do something you don’t want to be perceived as helping you?

“It’s often an unseen, unreported crime.” said Det Insp Darren Haynes.

Could that possibly be because, in this instance, there was no crime at all?


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