Godfrey Bloom and Other Stopped Clocks

He may be right about the European Union and International Aid, and partially so on immigration and maternity leave for young mothers, but then that’s the problem with the likes of Godfrey Bloom.

I sincerely wish I disagreed with these sad Little Englanders about virtually everything, but this is the curse of the stopped clock that happens to be right twice a day, and I honestly believe that it might be a major problem further down the line. Whether we will ever get that in-out referendum on the EU is far from certain and right now I’d lean towards the probability of it never taking place.

However, the presence of this Little Englander tendency, of whom Godfrey has become something of an unfortunate ‘working men’s club’ poster boy will have the ‘stay in’ side confident that they can caricature all of their opponents as ‘fruitcakes and closet racists’, as UKIP were once referred to by Dave way back in 2006.

For the life of me, I can’t understand these people who take a perverse sense of amusement from Bloom, amongst other things, referring to Africa as ‘bongo bongo land’, a la Alan Clark in the 1980s (no kids, that wasnt original material, but a remix of a record that bombed at the time), then insisting he was on about antelopes or something like that, then swearing by almighty God he was actually referring to a non-existent ‘President Bongo’ of wherever.

Not only is he a complete arsehole, and not remotely funny, but he actually undermines those making sane, rational, arguments against EU membership and the folly of ever-increasing international aid. I’ll put those arguments, entirely free as they are of prejudice, xenophobia and ‘ye olde England’ syndrome to you in the very near future.

Meanwhile, the prospect of being told that anyone who wants out of the EU must be a dinosaur who looks down their nose at other parts of the world, and wants to deprive women of the opportunity to work so they can spend more time cleaning behind the fridge, is one I’m not looking forward to. Sensible and reasoned Eurosceptics everywhere have Godfrey Bloom and his ilk to thank for that.

It’s a problem that we all face in many political discussions, and is perhaps more unsettling than an honest argument with those who sincerely and passionately disagree with you. Since argument is the way to the truth, these are debates that I’ll always look forward to, while how to work with a stopped clock who tells the right time either by accident or for the wrong reasons, remains a question that is as difficult to answer as ever. Take care and I’ll catch you soon.


2 thoughts on “Godfrey Bloom and Other Stopped Clocks

  1. Problem is UKIP members will always suffer from ad hominem attacks precisely because they are largely fruitcakes, loons and barely in the closet racists. Maybe if they joined the rest of society in the 21st century instead of the Victorian era they may be taken more seriously. Until then, fuck ’em, I don’t listen to morons.

  2. It’s an interesting point Joe – thanks for commenting.

    My understanding is that UKIP and Young Independence in particular had a very strong and thoroughly decent libertarian wing, which was deliberately purged by Farage and his chums to create a retirement castle for hacked-off Tory dinosaurs like Bloom and Roger Helmer. As long as that’s the plan for UKIP then where they are now will remain the high watermark.

    The ‘silent majority’ is actually a pissed-off fringe of the population and if they think bigoted outbursts will tap into this mythical ‘white working class’ of whom I’m apparently a member then they’re much mistaken.

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