Let’s See How This Goes…

It’s been a while, but now seemed as good a time as any.

First up, welcome to Liberal Instinct, which unlike my previous effort, OutspokenRabbit, will be more of a natural home for anti-authoritarian thought, philospophy and expression. On the whole I was proud of the rabbit, its content and the minor league profile it achieved in the political blogosphere. However, it was time to move on as the concept had run its course. There are only so many nights you can spend banging out 1,500 words on whatever either interests you, has made you think/philosophise that day or happens to be in the news.

Moreover, it’s quite dispiriting to put these things into print only for one man and his dog to read them – something about an empty forest and the tree not making a sound…

So…the aim here is to have regular, but much shorter and snappier pieces than we had over on Rabbit Island. I’m looking forward to getting a couple more contributors on board and trying to turn this place into something of a hub for independent thought and debate away from the tedium of conventional wisdom. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from statists, warmongers and reactionery bastards.

New and original content at Liberal Instinct very soon – take care and hope to see you then.


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